Welcome to the new Studio!

If you haven't visited my studio yet here is a little preview of what it's like! This is where I design and style all of my sets, from the simplest ones to the more themed ones, if you book a mini session with me this is where the session will take place!

The kids love this space! There is a lot of room to run around and that makes them super happy!! There is a washroom and waiting area and space for outfit changes during your shoot.

I designed the studio to align with my preferred style, it's really all about simplicity. My main backgrounds are white, grey and black, I am recognized for my emotional black and white featured images. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing and meeting everyone in this new space! As always if you have any questions, want to say hi or want to schedule a shoot do not hesitate to contact me at info@kayphotography.ca or simply fill out the CONTACT FORM